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29 July

Welcome to Nucleus v3.1

The building blocks are here to help you create a web presence. Be it a blog, a family page, a hobby site or maybe you just don't have any idea.

Well you came to the right place, cause we didn't know what you wanted either.

Read Me

This is the first entry in your site. We've loaded it up with links and information to get you started.

Though you can delete this entry, it will eventually scroll off the main page as you add entries to your site. Add your notes as comments while you work with Nucleus and bookmark this page to gain access to it in the future.


Nucleus CMS home page.

Nucleus CMS SourceForge project page.

Nucleus CMS Plugins repository page.


The Nucleus frequently asked questions page.

The install process places user and developer documentation on your web server.

Pop-up help is available throughout the administration area and will assist you in customizing and designing your site.

Once you've read through the available documentation, please visit the Wiki for user written how-tos and tips.


Thanks to the beheerders and all the volunteers manning the support forums.

- admun - Ottawa, ON, Canada
- anand - Bangalore, India
- hcgtv - Miami, Florida, USA
- ikeizer - Maastricht
- moraes - Brazil
- roel - The Netherlands
- TeRanEX - Ekeren, Antwerp, Belgium
- Trent - Alberta, Canada
- xiffy - Deventer

If you should require assistance, please don't hesitate to join the 1100+ registered users in our forums. With it's built in search capability and 18,000+ posted articles, your answers are just a few clicks away.

Developer Resources

Some enthusiastic Nucleus users have started the Nucleus Developer Network, a site/weblog that will bring you the latest news from the development team and pointers to relevant information for developers.

Featured Sites

The featured sites are a sampling of the 582 sites running Nucleus.

- - The Adventures of Bloggard
- - Giving meaning to the meaningless.
- - Blogging community: multiple user blogs.
- - Hot Springs, Montana's Online Resource for Guests.
- - Hard core without the hate!
- - Extreme sports.
- - A Conservative Review of Politics and Culture.

The combination of multi-weblogs and skins/templates make for a powerful duo in personalizing your site or designing one for a friend, relative or client.

The supplied grey skin and templates are a great starting point and a visual guide to becoming familiar with Nucleus.

Donator Roll

I would like to thank these nice people for their support. Thanks all!

- Robert Seyfriedsberger
- Gordon Shum
- Neal Stevens
- GamblingHelper
- Oliver Kirstein
- Dominiek
- Aardschok
- Scene24
- Eug's Weblog
- The Adventures of Bloggard
- Arthur Cronos from Voltos
- Free Webmaster Tools and Resources
- Domi's Weblog
- Infodoma
- Traweb
- Gene's MoBlog
- InterfaceThis
- The Finster Log
- Hop Nguyen
- Zwavelaars
- Joaquin Scholten
- Roel Groeneveld
- LVBlog
- Xander Mol
- Danilo Massa
- Irmo Keizer
- Jason Krogh
- Osamu Higuchi
- Trent Adams
- Arne Hess
- The Bluebird
- Rainer Bickel
- Fritz Elfers
- SEO Book
- Brandweer de Maten
- Andy Fuchs
- Sumoforce
- Al'ky'mie
- Peter Johnson
- TriV Internet Solutions
- Margaret Stowe
- zenkey dot org
- Blots of Info
- Rudi De Kerpel
- Steve Taylor
- Malcolm Farnsworth
- Birgit Kellner
- Toby Johnson
- Kapingamarangi
- Pallalink
- PubliusTX Weblog
- Reductio Ad Absurdum
- GagaWeb
- Videokid
- Jon Marr
- Luigi Cristiano
- J Keith Lehman
- Bohemian Cachet
- Jesus Mourazos
- Stephen Jones
- One-Handed Apps
- Alwin Hawkins
- Justin Stigall
- It is my life
- Greg Morrill
- Dutch Submarines
- Seventh Watch Design Studios
- MacNetv2
- Richard Noordhof
- Jamie Rytlewski

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When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price. Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge for this service if you wish), that you receive source code or can get it if you want it, that you can change the software or use pieces of it in new free programs; and that you know you can do these things.
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